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      English input method (Reconmmend)
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        This software can auto complete one word you input. And it can also adjust the position of comma or number. For example, you input "mean" and the software show all words start mean, you press space, that will auto input "meaning". You don't need to space again to input space in your passage, the software can auto generate space for you. The search speed is extremely high, search one word from 300000 words will not cost you more than 60ms.

        Auto completing the word you input in any window and adjusting the position of comma or number.
        Input method compatibility checker. Detecting other languages input method. When other input method turns on, my English input method will temporary stop.
        High retrieval speed from database. Searching one word from 300000 words database will not cost you more than 60ms.
        Pure GDI user interface design. So this software doesn’t have any ordinary controls.

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