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      HK Magic Box Ver1.0
      Basic Information
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      • Updated:2012-07-30
      • Permissions:Unlimited
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        Brief Introduction:

        The basic function of this software is tested and recorded keyboard and mouse operation. Through these record, the software can calculate the number of APM.


        This software can only run on Windows OS

        The download pack include introduction which will guide you how to use this software.

        Some antivirus program may regard my software as virus, but I promise no virus. Because, I use hook technology, the antivirus believe it is symbol of virus. 

        More photo:

        "HK" is just my screen name. I usually like add my screen name to my software name. Programmed by Yuanyi Sun. 

        If you want download this software, please click Local download as followed.

        HK Magic MD5:c508830d69ca384bc4ae456ab7487b5d

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            1. If you noticed any problems with this software, like invalid description or insecure download link, let us know.
            2. Problems during the download, please go to the forum seek help.
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